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Are you in Las Vegas for Night Club & Bar this week? If so tell us what some of the highlights have been and how you think it’s going!


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Where were you when the ball dropped and what were you sipping?

Most of you were probably working….Did your bar do anything special for New Years Eve?

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How are you handling the challenges of today’s economy behind your bar?

Have you had to cut back on staff and or have you found creative ways to schedule and adjust?

Any suggestions or advice on weathering the storm to pass on to your fellow bartenders and bar owners/managers?

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Bloody Mary Please! Share your secrets….

When you make your Bloody Mary’s from scratch….what do you add to set yours apart?

Do you have a unique Bloody Mary on your bar’s brunch or specialty menu?? What is the secret weapon ingredient?

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To COMPETE or NOT To COMPETE??? Give us your opinion….

Are Cocktail Competitions the driving force behind the industry’s creativity surge?

What would be a great new spin on a cocktail competition that can re-energize the event concept and its impact to the bartenders competing?

Do you compete? Why or Why Not?

Is there an alcoholic beverage you would love to compete with and have not yet?

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PASSIONATE about PISCO??? Give us your opinion….

What makes Pisco so Bartender friendly and mixable, it seems to be everywhere??

What is your favorite way to serve Pisco?

Any fun stories about Barsol Pisco, a sponsor of the USBG?

Have you added a Pisco Cocktail to your bar menu….if so, has it been successful and what is the reasoning behind its success or lack there of?

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